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Metal Oxide Process

The Metal Oxide Process yields better quantities of formaldehyde therefore there is slightly less consumption of methanol. It also has similar investment costs to the Silver Catalyst Process.

Our process also allows the free choice of catalyst supplier as Pörner and its licensor are independent companies with the client’s wishes at heart. The final decision on which process to choose depends on the individual client and their needs.

Factors that influence this decision include costs of raw materials, utility costs, catalyst costs and safety and operation aspects etc. 

The Process:

  • Methanol is fed together with ambient air to the metal oxide catalyst (iron oxide in combination with molybdenum and/or vanadium).
  • The generated process gas is than absorbed in water and condensed in an absorption step.
  • About 1 / 3 of the absorption off gas is recycled to the reactor. Formaldehyde solutions up to 55% w/w formaldehyde with 0,5 -1 % w/w methanol are produced.
  • The absorption off gas is oxidized on a palladium catalyst which can be equipped alternatively with waste heat recovery.