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The Silver Catalyst Process

The Silver Catalyst process is the most safe process of formaldehyde production. Formaldehyde concentration and residue methanol produced with the Silver Catalyst Process is as good as from best metal oxide process. Less formic acid and no caustic soda and antifoam agent makes the product more versatile for all formulations and customers.

There is also no hot oil used in this process, just water/steam and this reduces the fire risk. There is no oxygen in the absorber, this not only reduces the fire risk but improves the product quality as well. 

The catalyst can be removed without dust and waste in a few hours. Re-catalization can take less than 24 hours so only small holding tanks are necessary to serve customers during re-catalization.

The investment costs for the Silver Catalyst Process are similar compared to the Metal Oxide Process but there are other advantages to this system:


  • the catalyst is inexpensive because it is fully regenerated,
  • there is less electricity consumption,
  • higher steam generation and less cooling demand.


These factors more than compensate for the slightly higher methanol consumption compared to the Metal Oxide Process. 

The Process:

  • An evaporated Methanol Water Mixture is fed together with ambient air to the silver catalyst. The generated process gas is than absorbed in water and condensed in a selective absorption step.
  • Standard trade solutions up to 49 % w/w formaldehyde with 1-2 % w/w methanol are produced without distillation.
  • Alternatively we offer the special tail gas recycling technology to achieve high concentrated formaldehyde solutions up to 55% w/w formaldehyde with 0,5 -1 % w/w methanol without distillation.
  • The H2 rich absorption tail gas is combusted in a thermal oxidizer or special boiler and is generating steam or can even be fed to a gas motor generating electric power.