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Acetaldehyde (ACETA)

Ethanol Process:

  • Evaporated Ethanol is fed together with ambient air to the silver catalyst. The generated process gas is than absorbed in water and condensed.
  • The generated solution is than fed to the Acetaldehyde distillation unit where the pure acetaldehyde product of the desired concentration is produced.
  • The sump product of the acetaldehyde distillation which is left unreacted - ethanol and water - is fed to the Ethanol distillation step where the ethanol is recovered as head product and recycled to the reaction section
  • The sump product of the Ethanol distillation is mainly used as absorption water in the absorption unit, only a small quantity is discharged as waste water
  • The H2 rich absorption tail gas can be thermal oxidized and the generated heat can be utilized for steam generation.