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Glues and Resins

Glues and resin plants designed and supplied by Pörner are tailor adapted and optimized production units for a broad range of products.


The product groups that Pörner caters for are:

  • Urea formaldehyde resins (UF), melamine formaldehyde resins (MF) and melamine urea resins (MUF) production plants 
  • Phenol formaldehyde resins (PF) production plants
  • Epoxy resins production plants
  • Alkyd and polyester resins production plants
  • Glue production plants
  • Novolak and Resol production units
  • Powder Bakelite production units  

The principle processes for the Glue and Resin production are as follows:

  • The reagents (varying with the desired product) are fed in to a stirred reaction vessel on weighing cells which provide for precise and accurate dosing
  • The reactor is equipped (according the desired product) with internal and external cooling / heating systems which secure optimal temperature profile during the reaction process
  • For several products where a distillation step is required, a condenser and vacuum unit is added to the reaction equipment
  • If the production recipe includes solid raw materials the solids are fed with hoppers on weighing cells and screw conveyors or, where needed, special feed equipment for big bags or bags
  • If further dissolving or sedation is required, special stirred vessels with/or without internal and external cooling systems are installed
  • For Novolaks and similar products a cooling belt is used to produce pastilles
  • For Powder Bakelite the Novolaks are mixed with hexamine and grinded and classified.