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Formaldehyde and Derivatives

For more than 20 years Pörner Grimma has been liaising with renowned European licensors and experienced partners to build plants for the formaldehyde product family as an EPC contractor.

In close cooperation with Dynea, the longtime licensing partner, the silver catalyst process for the production of formalin has been constantly improved to become the best of its kind. Technical and economic comparisons of several international clients as well as the experience from joint design and construction of more than 10 plants in the last years prove this.  

As an EPC contractor Pörner sells, designs and builds plants of the formaldehyde technology family. Together with international licensors and technology partners Pörner Grimma can offer the following production plants with offsite, utilities and infrastructure units:                

  • FORMALDEHYDE production based on Silver Catalyst and Metal Oxide Catalyst
  • UFC (Urea formaldehyde precondensate) production based on Silver Catalyst and Metal Oxide Catalyst
  • HEXAMINE (Hexamethylenetetramine) production, Liquid Phase and Gaseous Phase Process
  • PENTA (Pentaerythritol) production
  • ACETALDEHYDE production from Ethanol
  • GLUES and RESINS (UF, MF, MUF, PF, Epoxy, Alkyd, Polyester, Novolaks, Powder Bakelite) production
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